Dr. Ramble, Ph.D.

Ramble arrived safely in Millbury, Massachusetts a few weeks ago, tired from his recent adventures in NYC he was ready for a little break.  He spent some time cuddling with some new friends… although they seemed less enthused about this idea than he was.


After some quality napping, it was time for Ramble and I to head off to work.  Ramble thought my lab was a fascinating place!    Being the trouble maker that he is I had to keep an eye on him…. if I turned my back for a second I’d find him doing things like blowing up gloves

weighing himself


or going for a ride on some of the lab equipment!

He did manage to take some time out from all of his fun and games to help me with some of my work:


and he even volunteered to help with the weekly eyewash test!

He finished off the day by writing up all of his important observations in my lab notebook.


We had a wonderful time together in lab, and all of my co-workers enjoyed showing him around!

Back at home he heard me talking about how a bunch of us Aunties were doing the Couch to 5K program, and after weighing himself in lab he decided it might be time to do a little exercise (you know how hard it is to stay on a good diet when you’re traveling!).  So, he strapped on my iPod and went for a run!

Well, he decided that maybe running isn’t really for him… he does have rather short legs!  Instead, he went back to snuggling with his new furry friends, resting up so that he’ll be ready for the next leg of his trip!


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  1. 1

    --Deb said,

    I had no idea that science labs had so much in common with Disney … he looked like he really enjoyed the rides!

    The last picture, though, with the iPod and the headset? Oh, I laughed outloud!

  2. 2

    Dragan said,

    Awesome labcoasters!

  3. 3

    Lori aka knittingfool said,

    This blog is a HOOT!

  4. 4

    […] We sat down over dinner and talked about what he’s done. He got to be a Junior Game Warden in Maine. Made cheese in New York. Saw the new Juniper Moon Farm in Virginia (something I haven’t even gotten to do yet). Went to Minnesota. Drove along the coast in Monterey California. Then he went to Disneyland! Had a fantastic, historically-informative time in Mystic Connecticut. Disappeared for a while, but arrived safely. New York City! Had an exciting time visiting a laboratory. […]

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